I have been monitoring the issues between the D’arcy’s and Mayor Woodside and I think this really comes down to a couple of things.

The D’Arcy’s are wrong in their behaviour and forcing themselves to be thrown out of council will actually do more to hurt the anti-fracking cause then anything else that has happened so far. This is because they are attacking a person who is at least verbally agreeing with them.

However Woodside is wrong in his behaviour as well. The reason for this is that realistically what the D’Arcy’s are asking for is actually not a bad idea. The municipality has the ability to put a bylaw banning Hydro-fracking in place within city limits (and realistically I believe also within the area surrounding their water supply as well)

It is not about whether or not a new council can change the bylaw it is about standing up for your city and putting it on paper that it will not happen with this council and it also means that any council that repeals this bylaw is going to (usually) be seen doing it, giving the population of that city the opportunity to register their distaste of what is going on.

In all honesty I believe that the D’Arcy’s time would be better served working to force the provincial government to stop fracking rather then attack a person who is publicly stating their objection to fracking, while I do think Woodside needs to rethink his position on his stance regarding a bylaw.

Personal opinion is that both parties in this situation are wrong in their behaviour and both need to sit down and reevaluate how they are handling the situation and perhaps apologize to each other and the city as a whole for their behaviour in this instance.

The other cities in this province as well should look at putting in place a bylaw protecting their city and their water supply as well, perhaps going as far as to increase their borders to include their water supply if this is what is required to put proper protections in place.