300 Military families. That is what is being transferred out of Moncton to other regions. Those figures are from the Head of Enterprise Greater Moncton.  He is the first person I have heard who has realized how significant this loss is to Moncton.

300 Military service people who will no longer be bringing a wage to spend in Moncton. Using a base rate of pay of 33,000/yr. that would be 1 Million out of Moncton’s economy with one stroke of the pen. But let’s use reality these are not  all privates. With salaries for Sergeants ranging to as high as 75,000 this could potentially take as much as 2 to 3 million per year out of Moncton’s economy.

This is a huge loss and yet all our mayor or our MP can say on the matter is that the loss of the 23 civilian employee jobs is difficult for them but hopefully they can find new work. Or they say they heard rumours this was coming.

Where is your indignation this is OUR city that is being financially slammed yet again by the federal government. To Robert Goguen I don’t care if Harper is your glorious leader, We elected you to stand up for our city and instead you have replaced the invisible man with yet another invisible man.  To George Leblanc, do you care so little for your city that you do not realize the damage that taking this amount of money from our city is going to cause.

We have a responsibility to stand up for our city. We have had a thriving Military base that was one of the largest equipment bases in the air force reduced to nothing but a reserve unit sitting on the corner of a busy street. We have had a TWO CNRail repair shops shut down and the thousands of skilled trades jobs that were erased with these federal government jobs over the years were offset only by minimum wage jobs. This is unacceptable. We are being farmed out as a call center capital thanks to Frank McKenna and instead of high paid skill trade jobs instead we have low paying, high stress, high turnover jobs to replace them and it is called an even trade. This is unacceptable and yet our MP and our Mayor do not even recognize the level of damage that is being done to the economy in our city by these repeated moves.

Because we always sit and take this type of garbage handling by the federal and even by the provincial government, the next time they decide they want to cut jobs or even want to consolidate to a single location, they will again look to us and say, they don’t mind they never complain so let’s just cut their site again, it is easier that way. We need to stand up and say if you want to consolidate then it is time to start consolidating TO Moncton, not keep continually consolidating out of Moncton.