I have found a few things that absolutely confuse me regarding services in the regional health authorities that boggles my mind.

Now when the regional health authorities were originally set up they were both designated bilingual. Today they are now designated as one being French and one being English. The issue I have with this is that both health authorities are required by law, and as part of the Regional Health Authorities Act (the same act that designates each as being separate languages) to offer services in both official languages.

So we have two health authorities each required to offer services in both official languages, which I agree with totally, but designated officially as one being French and the other being English. What exactly is the purpose of this designation, other then shutting down a lawsuit.

Essentially both health authorities are mandated by law to provide exactly the same level of service in both languages, and yet we need two, one designated for each language. What exactly is the need and purpose of these designations.

I believe we as a province would be better served if there was either one health authority serving the entire province, or if there is an issue of making sure no one gets left out and ignored, one of these health authorities should be designated for the northern portions of the province and the other for the southern portions. The reason I would suggest this separation rather then a separation based on language is that the sector that gets the least attention when it comes to health care is the northern part of the province and by designating a separate health authority for the northern section, we would allow this health authority to focus it’s entire energy on making certain that this area was covered.

I do believe the bilingual designation for the two health authorities was the correct one and I feel the lawsuit and capitulation by the government of the day (liberals if I understand the time frames correctly) was a large waste of money and does nothing but increase the divisions between the two groups. This is something that we must do everything in our power to discourage and wipe out. We must recognise that everyone in this province is equal and treat them all as one equal body. This body is called NEW BRUNSWICKERS.