What you see here may surprise you. The links are there and some medical people in high places can see it.


Now under no circumstances do I suggest that the standard regime vaccines should not be given to your child.


Our youngest has not had hers yet but we fully intend on her getting her full regime of standard vaccinations.


However here is the key issue. This time when our daughter is vaccinated we will be taking a fully intensive video registry of her behaviours over a month or two period before, during and a month or two after the vaccinations.


While I am not absolutely positive that our daughter will develop autism I am also not going to take the chance. I am going to document her history and behaviours and if there is an issue that develops we are going to have the video record.


Also as point of fact to back away from having it buried in the 18th month debate we will be going later then that for the MMR vaccine to eliminate possible time confusions.


I do believe that Vaccines do trigger autism. Whether the underlying issue is a mitochondrial issue or is something else entirely there is a definitive trigger. While we need to find the underlying issue we also need to find the trigger and until we do it is my personal recommendation that every parent who can do a seriously intensive video record of your child’s behaviour up to during and after vaccination because if we are going to get the message out there we must do it through solid documented proof.


This is the first step to document and prove that the timeline does parallel the vaccination schedule.


Part two will be getting Government to actually fund proper testing to find the real trigger and the real cause regardless of the pharmaceutical lobby’s self centered profit driven interest in keeping this information buried in the darkest recesses of the most hidden place they can find.