Well today Shawn Graham decided to announce a universal drug plan for all NBer’s by 2012

My probem with this is that successive gov’ts both liberal and conservative and including Graham’s have resisted calls for a Catastrophic Drug Plan but are now going to instead bring in a universal drug plan. This makes me suspect that it is highly unlikely that even in the far fetched chance he gets reelected that he will bother actually implementing this plan.

Alward on the other hand went one better. He in the time honoured tradition of so many previous gov’ts has promised a break to a group of individuals. This time to artists, now artists in and of themselves are unlikely to be able to swing a single seat as their are not that many artists in the province, say about 1 maybe 2 percent of the population but likely less.

My issue with this is like all previous gov’ts this break is in the form of a tax credit

Well la de da exactly what good does a tax credit do to put food on the table when most tax credits this one included are generally aimed at people who do not make enough to actually pay taxes to the gov’t on an annual basis anyway.

Oh there will be a few probably less then 25% of artists will actually be able to use this credit at all and this is why gov’ts love tax credits.
It makes it look like you are doing the group a favour when in reality it usually costs you little to nothing at all.

so once again today graham promised a plan even bigger then one he had refused for the last four years as being too expensive, and alward promised a tax break to people who dont make enough money to even take advantage of it

and these are the people we pay to run our province.