There has been a bit of a discussion ongoing over the last few days regarding a potential upcoming Transit strike in Moncton.

To cover the general points:

  1. Some believe transit should not be able to strike
  2. Some believe Council should sign the contract that was previously negotiated
  3. Some are scared for their jobs
  4. Some do not believe in unions at all
  5. Some are unsure how they will be able to handle the basic necessities like shopping etc.

So what is the overall issue.

  1. Transit in Moncton has been without a contract for over 2 years.
  2. City staff negotiated a contract with the union and then told the council to vote against the contract.
  3. Riverview and Dieppe are both willing to sign the agreement already made.
  4. April 1 Codiac transit will be in a legal strike position.

Personally with all the various issues ongoing in this city at the moment, from the MHS moving to Royal Oaks issue to parking issues etc. the last thing the council should be doing is creating another situation where they can potentially look bad especially when you consider that there is an election campaign ongoing at the moment.

Realistically I do not understand why city staff would negotiate a contract and then recommend that the council reject that same contract and I understand even less why the council would just willingly follow along on something that is so likely to cause them grief come time to vote in the elections.

I also do not understand why council would allow the staffer ( s ) who negotiated and then recommended against approving the contract to stay on the job.

To me this form of bad faith negotiating on the part of city staff is a very bad position to be supporting and to continue to allow the people who actively participated in this trickery to keep their positions does again beg the question. “Who is running this city? The council? or the city staff?” any answer but the council puts this city in a really poor position and it will be something that will have to be cleaned up by the next elected council.

This transit strike should not happen. The contract was negotiated and approved by staff and then recommended to be refused by the same staff.

There is a realistic chance people will lose their jobs because of the inability to get to work and the responsibility for that falls completely on the hands of council and city staff because in this instance they are the ones who have chosen to negotiate in bad faith. The drivers came to the table and negotiated a deal. The membership approved it. If the council chose to refuse it on their own that is one thing but for the negotiators to recommend that the council refuse to sign the contract that those same negotiators came up with is extremely poor leadership.