It is time to stand up against the tyranny of the Conservative government in New Brunswick and even more specifically the tyranny being visited on the poor, the disabled and the seniors by the one woman who is supposed to be their voice.

The “Turkey Lady” long vaunted for her good works for the poor with her annual turkey drive that did so much good for so long allowing families in need the chance to have a turkey on their table at Christmas have shown that in all reality she was nothing but a fake and a fraud. She in all reality is showing that she is the real turkey here.

Over the last several weeks the so called Minister for Social Development has gone on an offensive that is by all accounts completely offensive. She started by attacking seniors by saying they must give up their pets or leave their provincially owned seniors building. She then turns around and starts on a new offensive at the Parkton Heights housing complex and has gone as far as to tell a man with Cerebral Palsy that he must give up his companion animal as well.

I am forced to ask my self what is next. Is she going to ban the blind from their guide dogs, the autistic from their companion dogs. This woman has shown she has absolutely no shame whatsoever. Many doctors tell their elderly patients that having pets for companionship will help them lead a more fulfilling life and there are suggestion is that it often helps extend their lives and yet this woman has decided that she is going to go against all common sense and put a full out frontal attack on those less fortunate.

It is time to stand up to the tyranny of this woman and as such if I get elected as mayor I am going to look into a bylaw banning the practice of discriminating against those who own pets by saying that it is illegal to discriminate against pets and/or children when renting apartment units of any kind.

I understand due to space constraints that perhaps there may need to be some limitations to this bylaw as large dogs in a small one bedroom upstairs apartment is not logical however these can be sorted out when designing the bylaw.

This is a bylaw that is in place in many cities and it is well past time that this bylaw is enacted here in Moncton as well.