For years we have heard that it is done this way. We have to do it this way. This is the way it has always been done.

I am here to say perhaps it is time to stop doing things the same way time after time. Perhaps it is time to find a new way of thinking.  Perhaps if systems that are presently in place do not work for the best interests of Moncton or the people who live there, then just maybe it is time to start looking at different ways of doing things.

It is time to start thinking outside the box. We have for years been doing the same thing over and over again and maybe getting a little bit ahead now, losing some later and basically treading water keeping our heads above the water line. Maybe it is time to swim for shore. Maybe it is time to put our feet down and realize that we get farther out of the water if we just stand up in the pool.

Basically what I am saying is that we have always done things a certain specific way, because that is protocol or that is all the municipalities act works. I am here to say that any obstacle that stops us from reaching our peak performance is an obstacle that needs to be removed. If the people that are putting the block in our way do not want to move it for us then we will either have to find a way to go around it, or we will go right through it. It is not in the best interests of the people in this city to let obstacles mar our ability to do our job.

So today I am saying that it is time we stepped outside the box and started to find ways to do things ourselves without waiting for permission or for someone else to do them for us. The reason that it is time is because if we do not learn to stand on our own two feet, then no one will ever believe we have the ability to manage our affairs without their personal, direct oversight and with their direct permission (for which they will make us beg)

It is time, if the province will not modernize the municipalities act then we will have to find ways to do it without them, whether they like it or not, because we as a city are strong enough to stand on our own .

If we really can as they say “punch above our weight class” then let us really punch above our weight class and actually do something productive with that ability.