ok Mr Keir lets look at the updated plan based on our conversations and my best extrapolations of what i could make work

1/ make me ceo of NB Power at half Hay’s salary

2/ absolutely no political interference i am responsible for all hiring/firing and answer directly to the minister of energy and the premier (no board of directors)

3/ no dumping of political appointees in NB power exec positions

4/ a lab for developing alternative solutions to oil/gas/coal/nuclear with rights to all projects belonging to the developers

5/ NB power is not a cash cow. all profits will go to upgrade systems and/or development of new projects as well as paying down the NB power debt load

6/ all bonuses will be tied to a combination of maintaining rates at present levels/or rate reductions and profitability of NB power

7/ all rates will reduce by 15% and be frozen for 3 years

8/ present rules of anything over 3% increase still must be presented to EUB

Carl Bainbridge