David Alwards plan which involves a commission that is made up of business leaders as well as well as members of the community can be actually extremely scary

1/ If he was dedicated to NO SALE he would remove that as an option and ask for alternatives to a sale

2/ A portion of the panel are going to be made up of those who wanted the sale done in the first place

3/ he promises a referendum but most telling fact of all is he has never made any attempt to make the referendum binding which means he could hold a referendum with a 90% against the sale and still sell with little recourse and have completely quieted any opposition by focusing it on the referendum instead of using other options to block the sale

4/ Of all the people on the NO to Sale of NB power boards on facebook with over 29000 members there is none on Alwards inside team or as a candidate even tho there were a couple of candidates with a good shot at the nomintation in the riding which means he may be scared of the information on the site