We have long understood that the Canadian Government (whether under the guise of Liberal or Conservative rule) has absolutely no respect for the people who served Canada in times of war.

Today once again it is being brought to our attention as a Canadian man born to a Canadian soldier and his Canadian wife at a military base in Germany. The Canadian Military even issued a document saying he was born there and who his parent’s were.

But to the Canadian government bureaucracy of Stupid In The Extreme, there is no proof he is Canadian. This is a situation that has happened to over 200,000 people, and the vast majority of them are war brides, their children and other descendants and the children of military personnel who  just happened to be born at the overseas base their parent(s) were serving at.

This is a clear and blunt message to all Canadians just how much the Canadian government in its various forms cares about the people it sends to fight in wars. The only purpose these people serve in the minds of the Canadian government is as cannon fodder.

We already know that services to veterans who return from war wounded, disabled, with PTSD etc are all hung out to dry by the military, There are even various groups online trying to draw attention to the plight of our servicemen. But once again, the Canadian government has proven that not only does it have no heart, It also has no brain. It would take a simple legislative change to fix the issue of the Lost Canadians and yet not one single government has made that effort in all this time.

There is lip service, there is even crocodile tears, but there is no action.

They plead that there is nothing they can do but the truth is there is absolutely nothing that they are INTERESTED in doing. Because the truth is, when the war is over and the soldier is back home the government is completely done with them and has absolutely no interest in doing a thing for them.

Our Canadian Government is pathetic in its treatment of its vetrans and there is no indication that they have any interest in doing a thing to fix the multitude of problems our veterans and their families face.