The NBSO tried to pull an end run around the Energy and Utilities Board by putting in place salary hikes without the necessary funds to do so.

The issue in this is that the NBSO requested the funds during a 2010 budget review and was denied the request for the funds. This year when the budget was put forward the salary hikes and perks were already in place and the NBSO was basically treating them as part of the normal salary.  The EUB disallowed 244,000 in salary deeming them part of the increases that they refused to allow last year and told the NBSO that it was unacceptable that they would attempt this type of behaviour saying that a study would be required and must be presented to the EUB for consideration before this was allowed to happen.

This is a prime example of civil servants trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public and trying to get raises that were not earned, not warranted and in this time of fiscal restraint is not feasible.

While this is shown due to the EUB’s mandate to monitor the NBSO, this problem is not isolated to the NBSO many times in recent years have different managers been given unearned and unwarranted increases.

With all the fuss being raised over MLA salaries it is important to note that this is not an exception to the rule but seems to be quite par for the course the only issue being that this time they were caught by anlagency with control over them and with public representation as part of it’s make up.

If upper managers continue to take this type of action on themselves then perhaps it is time to purge the upper levels of power within these government corporations