Food is one of the few things that we can not do without and over the recent months and last couple of years some food prices have as much as doubled or more.

Items like bread and milk need to be at a price that those at the lowest levels of poverty can afford them. So must other forms of healthy foods like meat, seafood, cheese, vegetables etc. It has come to the point where I feel it is almost necessary to regulate prices across canada to a level that can be met by even the most vulnerable of our population.

Prices that to my mind would be acceptable on a Canada wide basis are approx

  • Bread 1$ a loaf
  • MeatĀ  1$ a pound
  • Cheese 2$ a pound
  • MilkĀ  1$ a litre
  • Vegetables 1$ a pound
  • Fruit 1$ a pound

Taxes on any given product should not exceed 25% of the total value of the product (including sales tax) with total value of taxes being

  • Federal 10%
  • Provincial 10%
  • Municipal 5%

The time has come, now that prices are getting out of control to start to control how much individuals pay. The reasoning for this is that we need to get our houses in order. And to do this we need to be clear as to exactly where our prices come from.

In addition to these controls we also need to include a few other tangible limits to stop price gouging. These controls include things like:

  • income tax controls (fed 10%, Provincial 10% and Municipal 5%)
  • 2% maximum profit limit on any given product
  • corporate taxation limits (fed 10%, Provincial 10% and Municipal 5%)

With a couple of other little things like Same Price for Same Product (regardless of manufacturer) or Service across Canada and standardized wages (same wages for same job) Canada wide would do wonders to bring allow our citizens a fair opportunity to care for themselves properly and make a decent living