All government departments have been asked to shave money from their budgets for the next financial year. This is a laudable goal as long as it does not reduce the services rendered.

While I cringe at the though of the fact that there will be a reduction in services  due to the fact that the management in these departments are not going to accept part of the cuts being at their level, I have realized there is a way to fix this problem.

Using the Department of Health and the Department of Education as the two best examples, the solution to the financial mess is best solved by creating one single province wide department for each.

This department will equally serve both French and English populations with the single administration being a bilingual administration with the current division of French and English facilities.

The cost savings would be huge and the only loss would be the single English or single French administration as they would be combined into a single province wide bilingual administration. By maintaining the individual French and English facilities we still will meet the needs of both the English and French communities while doing our utmost to reduce the duplication of services at the administration level.

Personally I believe this would be the best way to reduce costs without reducing services offered to the population of the province.