So lets see in the last week both mainstream parties have really shown just what they are made of and it was both amusing and distressing at the same time

It also showed just how much alike the two parties really are. They really are no more then the same party with different names realistically

We will start with the vote buying checks that the Liberals were issuing. Well seems they had an unelected candidate involved in the scheme in one of the ridings they were hoping to take and the Conservatives screamed foul and called in the Chief Electoral officer… But oops it seems that last election the Conservatives did exactly the same thing with one of their candidates (and yes the Chief Electoral officer was called in then too if I remember correctly)

Next up was the Conservative trip to Nfld where Alward had a meeting with Danny Williams to try to work out a hydro deal of some sort (shouldn’t that wait till AFTER he gets elected, if he does) and all on the taxpayers dime for travel. The Liberals screamed foul this time but last election period Graham went to the states and did the exact same thing and oh yeah the Conservatives did cry foul.

Sometimes there is such a thing as knowing when to keep your mouth shut and for those two parties realistically this is what they should have done over the last week or two because it is no wonder people no longer want to vote in this province anymore if this are the choices we have