moncton high new idea

My plan for redeveloping the existing Moncton High complex, which is the real idea for that most people are interested in, is to reuse the existing structure.

To start with all present exterior walls are saved. however the entire roof should be removed and completely rebuilt. The entire structure needs to be removed back to the existing exterior walls and new support beams and new floors and interior walls built completely from scratch. The only portion of the existing building that should be rebuilt within it’s own capacity is the auditorium. The only walls left standing should be concrete or cinderblock walls if they are in good shape.

The exterior faces that become interior walls should be a hallway with a 3 storey glass and steel wall across the hall. It should be allowable for walkways to cross this gap entering the old wall and new walls by way of a glass and steel walkway.

One of the Major reasons for moving from this location was available space.  By utilizing the entire land allotted to the present location I have alleviated this problem. However this will create a problem with parking. This is alleviated by having the lower floor area of the new area of the building dedicated to parking (it would actually increase the amount of parking available) and by placing two or three stories of building above this to house the additional classrooms, labs and other area’s that were not available in the old school due to space.

In all honesty it is highly likely that a project like this could be started almost as soon as school finishes for this year. By clearing and levelling the parking areas and building the onsite parking area and then building at least the first floor area above this while students are on summer break.

By doing this it would allow construction to continue on upper levels of the new portion of the complex after the high school was back in session. Once the new section was completed classrooms could be moved into this area while the old or existing section of the school was rebuilt. If outdoor area’s are required for the students the walls on the upper areas of the new section could be raised higher and an area on the roof be made available for the students there.

I strongly believe that this project designed in this manner would be cheaper then the cost of rebuilding this building on the outskirts of the city. This is especially true when the cost of rebuilding the road is taken into account.