Our federal Conservative MP has let us down, our provincial Conservative Government has let us down and our Mayor and Council have once again let us down.

Ever since Moncton was forced to give up it’s municipal police force and accept the RCMP by our provincial government we have been getting a raw deal.

We as a city have not been getting the 10% subsidy that almost everyone else in the country has been getting and yet the lot of them stood there in the Transport Canada hanger for a news conference all happy that Moncton is getting what it should have been getting for years.

The missing detail in all of this. Not once have we heard a peep about making this subsidy retroactive to when we first were FORCED to accept an RCMP deal that was not as good as the one signed by the rest of the country.

The federal government and/or the provincial government between them owe us for the period when we were forced to pay more for the same services then anyone else. And yet not once have we heard a single MLA nor the Mayor nor any of the council have stood up for our city and demanded that we be paid back the amount that we have overpaid for the RCMP service we have received.

Once again the people of this city have been let down by those who were elected to represent us. Not one of them have actually done the job and demanded that we be treated fairly.