I have done some general math and with some very basic rounding have come up with a few figures

Federally to pay the budget each person in Canada would be required to pay approx. 8000/year or 670/month

Provincially to pay the budget each person in New Brunswick would be required to pay 1000/year or 84/month

Municipally to pay the budget each person in Moncton would be required to pay 2000/year or 168/month

Totally to pay our share of government services each person in Moncton would be required to pay 11000/year or 920/month

Now we can use these figures based on where we stand right now and using these figures it would suggest that we no longer pay GST/PST or HST as the case demands and that there would no longer be any service charges of any kind.

If we included a simple business tax of 1% of total revenue per year (not a sales tax) on each business we could possibly (this is conjecture) drop this cost per person down to perhaps 5500/year or 460/month. While this figure is still out of reach for some people a simple reorganization of the way we run the business of running our governments could radically reduce how much we pay per year in taxes and still radically improve the country/province and municipality’s budget prospects in future years.

By doing a bit of adjusting to improve projects and flexing these figures overall across the country and we could actually quickly make this city, this province and this country financially viable.

These are just quick figures and a solid set of figures to work within the fact that these numbers are still to high for some could be worked out and managed but reality is that we could feasibly work out a much more fair and just tax system that would drastically reduce the damage that is done each time the government makes cuts and with some thought can create a simple plan that will allow for some budget increases yearly and also will allow us to pay off our debt, improve our infrastructure and change the status of Canada to a leader in innovation and care.