Every election there comes along a party (or more than one party) who promises that they will give the voters a real treat. They promise far more than their wallets can pay for and then they break them all because there is no money to pay for what they keep promising.

I think as a voters we would be better served if the politicians actually told us the truth.

In that vein I will tell you my thoughts on my run for Mayor. There is not a lot of promises to be made. To keep my promises the council (who are not obligated to me at all) would have to back my positions, the city staff would have to fall into line and the money would have to be readily available. None of these can be guaranteed with any level of certainty at any time.

I have certain things I hope to be able to accomplish. These are my goals for my term as mayor. I will work towards achieving as many as I can. Some are obviously out of reach but I can try to set the groundwork to make it feasible in the future.

  1. Find a way to get the event center construction started. This should be doable with or without federal or provincial funding and we need to look at options to figure out how to make it happen.
  2. Change the plan for a traffic circle on Killam Drive to an intersection that is better planned then the present design. This should likely include widening Purdy and Mapleton to four lanes because of traffic volumes that an updated intersection would create.
  3. Find some way to improve the intersections at the Gorge Road/Mountain Road/Evergreen intersection as well as the intersections from there to the Northwest Center as there are many that are poorly laid out. This should improve traffic flow in the area however there is no “quick fix” this area needs a lot of study to fix poor planning from previous decades.
  4. Make a portion of the downtown area a “pedestrian mall” specifically from the subway area to city hall
  5. Fix Assomption Blvd and make it 4 lanes to accommodate the increase in traffic from closing Main street area.
  6. Would dearly love to sink the entire train line that runs through the downtown core. This could all be buried but it requires major planning and preparation and is a major project.
  7. Fix the “booter” problem in the downtown area. My personal thoughts would be to licence booters with licences costing 500,000 per year and 10,000/boot/yr, limiting release fee to $25 half of which is paid to the city, and all lots allowing booting must be licensed and registered with the city at a cost of 100,000/yr.
  8. Fix the problem that allowed a strip bar beside a high school and a “swingers club” in a primarily residential neighborhood by requiring that adult entertainment facilities of this nature be confined to industrial park areas. (rather than waste time trying to shut them down just force them to move to an area they do not disturb people as much)
  9. Find a way to finish the work on the Peticodiac. The provincial and federal governments choose to look at it or not as the mood fits them but while we wait for them to fix the mess we are left with a project just barely started and then left in a mess.

There are so many things I would love to do as Mayor and not all of them are covered here. But promises are a dime a dozen and all I can promise is that I will do my best to make sure the voters in this city get the best value for their money if they elect me Mayor.