I have been looking around for the past couple of days and I have noticed a few little details.

We first started seeing a renewed interest in our candidates and platforms with the release of our Energy Platform and then things started to pick up even more when we released our Autism Platform yesterday morning.

But last night we blew things out of the water during the Leaders debate.

From what i have been hearing and seeing on various boards, blogs, and twitter it appears that more and more people are checking us out.

What is even more impressive is that from what i am hearing between those who are planning on voting for us and those who are leaning that direction if they thought we could take that individual seat we seem to be in play in every riding that we have a candidate in and not surprisingly we even seem like we would be in play in a few where we don’t have candidates.

So this message is for two groups.

To the candidates our message is getting out and it is being well received.

To those who are voting for us and those who are thinking of voting for us we thank you for your support because it really appears that on the 27th your vote will not be wasted it looks like we will have a voice in Fredericton and it looks like we will have more then one

You are asking for change, you are voting for change and we are going to give you change