1. Joe FitzPatrick JoeFitzIII

    @carlbainbridge @PANBParty Have to say, TJ piece reads like PANB has "unnecessary services" in mind but won’t say. #nbvotes

  2. Joe FitzPatrick JoeFitzIII

    Not really a party at all. But that’s the point. RT @PANBParty ‘We are not a typical political party’ http://nblo.gs/74f9R #nbvotes

This blog post is realistically in response to JoeFitzIII and is in response to his mistaken belief that we might not be a real party at all.

I do have to admit when it comes to sticking a knife in the backs of our constituents we may actually be a bit inexperienced.

I also tend to agree that when it comes to blatant lying to get the votes we need to form a government we really have not got that part down yet.

And if this sort of track record is what you are looking for then it is true we may not be a real party at all. But it means that we are an innovative party. Why? Maybe, because we wont stoop to the level of lying and cheating that REAL parties have made such an art form of.

And I don’t really fault people for being scared of this. When people are so used to the backstabbing and lying that has become a tradition as well as an art form it is hard to get used to the idea that just maybe there may be a party showing up that does not follow the  predetermined rules of graft and greed that  have been silently agreed to for so long by the major parties for the last few decades.  And the voters are scared simply because many of them cannot remember the last time honesty existed in politics and with what they have seen in their lifetimes most are hard pressed to accept that change.


We are gradually getting the message to people and it is being well received, probably far better then makes the REAL parties comfortable because they are scared we are going to change the rules and take away their way of lining the pockets of themselves and their friends and instead will  only be left with actually improving the province as a way to improve their own situation. We admit we would make it difficult for them to continue business as normal. And i do admit we are not the least bit apologetic about it.


As far as whether or not we have a specific unnecessary service in mind. No we do not have a specific plan to cut any services. If it becomes absolutely necessary we might have to however instead what we intend on doing is going inside the actual programs and services and doing what is available to be done to increase the efficiency and response of the programs. We will do what is required to make sure that more of the money put into programs is actually going into actually serving the people and less into administration simply by eliminating duplications and red tape.

so i have to say no if what we have as a model is a REAL political party then i guess we just might not be but we are an innovative political party and that should scare the entitled.