CBC is reporting on new conflict of interest guidelines for marketing companies working on government files.

These guidelines state:
“Not to Represent nor advise any person or organization engaged in advocacy activities against the government including Crown Corporations or other agencies”

This constitutes a major problem. This is not so much a problem for marketing companies as they can choose not to work for companies who do not fall in lock step with conservative beliefs or principles. It is however a major problem for advocacy groups or other political parties in this province who may find that their marketing company may choose to no longer provide services to them because they want to get a government contract.

It could go even farther where some companies in an attempt to meet the criteria may start cleaning house and firing employees who do not believe in the lock step notions of the Alward government.

This new policy could even be interpreted as an attempt to influence the upcoming municipal elections by intimidating marketing companies to not provide services to those candidates who may speak out against the government.

This policy is extremely nasty and could be used in ways that could seriously impact on the way of life of everyone in this province. It’s long term impacts could be felt nationwide if this is not curbed before it starts.