A remote control bulldozer built and programmed entirely by the city could go on a rampage after an electrical fault, destroying half the city, and the City of Moncton would still find a way to say it was not liable.

Once again the city of Moncton is denying liability in basement flooding even though there is not much question that it was lax behaviour on their part that caused the flooding.

A construction company building a few new homes left a manhole uncovered. Silt, Sand and debris from the construction area got in the pipes and supposedly travelled all the way from Penrose to Westbrook Circle.

Now I don’t doubt it is possible for this stuff to travel this far but my question is why do the city inspectors have such a hard time getting around to looking at this Penrose area development. A few years ago a house in this area was built below grade. It is still below grade with no one willing to take responsibility for this error. Not the builders, not the inspectors, not the new home warranty. The basement of this house floods repeatedly and will until the house is brought up to grade (an expensive proposition to be sure)

So for one issue it seems that either the city inspectors and the builders who build in the Penrose area are complete strangers who have yet to meet one another even though building has been going on in this neighbourhood for a few years now or the inspectors are a little to close of friends with the builders.  The only other option is that these inspectors are completely incompetent and yet still manage to be allowed to put people’s lives and finances in danger by allowing sub standard building practices to continue.

Issue number two is the sewer infrastructure. The two biggest flood concern areas in this city are older “subdivisions” Hildegard and now Westbrook circle which means that these problems are likely made worse by poorly maintained sewer infrastructure that should have been completely replaced and upgraded decades ago. This is the type of problem that is happening regularly in St John at this point where the sewer infrastructure is in some areas over 100 years old and crumbling and buildings are getting flooded while the city and council twiddle their thumbs. The sewer infrastructure in both neighbourhoods needs to be upgraded and the remainder of the city needs to be inspected to make certain there is not another significant problem like this.

Issue number three is responsibility and liability. Personally I do believe the city is partially liable both with regards to inspectors not correcting these problems before they flooded homes as well as not having replaced this aging infrastructure already. The remainder of the liability lies with the contractor/s involved in the construction in Penrose.

This is again a weakness on the part of council and city staff is the refusal Not only to take responsibility for their own failings in this issue but also the failure to force the contractors to take responsibility and hold them liable for their part in this flooding as well.

This council is once again proving it is weak willed and unwilling to stand up for it’s citizens but it is also starting to look like this problem may actually stretch right down into the management of city staff as well.

The city has a responsibility to protect it’s citizens and they are proving more and more that this is something they are unwilling to do.