Over the run of the last week most of the higher ranking members of our party and our most visible candidate have been subject to what can only be termed (hopefully) as an extremely unlucky coincidence of problems

It started with our President being hit first with a double whammy when there was a review of their pension followed by a complete loss of internet. While the pension review is an annoyance now, it will be quickly solved and moved past however the internet is becoming a problem as they tries to change providers and finding it will take over  a week to get back online

We follow by having our Executive director lose their phone line to some form of damage and being informed it will take at least a week for that to be fixed.

We move on then to our VP who had their complete bank account cleaned out in a card skimming fraud scheme. This will take between one to two weeks to clear up and have funds returned.

Then we move on to our leader having the office line for the party lost to some form of damage and being told it was going to take most of a week to return it to service.

Lastly one of our candidates was informed that a long term client would no longer be requiring their services.

If someone was a bit paranoid it would not take much of a stretch to look at this weeks luck and think that perhaps someone was attempting to remove this party from contention by blunt force.

The question then would be who would be that scared of us they would go to that degree of hassle to try to cut the head of the party off from its members


That said the large majority of these issues are being dealt with in stride and we move on quickly and without any serious damage to release even more nominations and more riding associations as we move closer to preparing for our next election