When recent polling numbers are looked at we see Conservatives holding a 10 Point lead on the Liberals and perhaps as much as a 20 seat lead in the legislature.

What this actually means is that those who over the years have constantly been voting against the party they wanted not to form government by voting for the other strong party really does have a new option. With 5 parties involved in this election and this dramatic a lead for the Conservatives it is high time voters started to ask themselves “is this the year I vote my true convictions” and the answer really is “yes”

The reason is that going with your true party leanings will affect the vote in a few ridings and it will likely put a presence for each of the three remaining parties into the legislature. It will likely draw support from both main parties meaning that in the end it should not affect the overall split between them to significantly as the Liberals who can readily see the loss coming, as well as the Conservatives who readily see a win coming will retain a base level of support that will be likely on par with what is presently seen in the polls. The only true difference will be the increase in presence for the minor parties which will lead to a stronger voice in the legislature for those who are looking to make a difference.

PANB has seats that are definitely in play and each of the other parties have candidates that could take their ridings with a shift in voting practices from voting “against” to voting “for” and this election with such a wide margin between the two main parties is an ideal year to let your true feeling show.