So another two weeks later and back to a city council meeting.

I was no happier with the results tonight then last meeting though in all honesty I felt that perhaps we may have approached them with a lot more aggression tonight because of the way we were treated last time.

What did not change was the way we were treated. They have still not understood that while we stood by and gave them 8 weeks to solve this problem, we are no longer at 10 weeks going to be willing to stand by and continue to let them put peoples livlihood at risk because of egos.

It was also pointed out to them that what ever was asked of the front-line workers should also be expected of the drivers  (if there is a cost savings reduction from the workers then there needs to be a comparable cost savings reduction from management)

What has become increasingly apparent over the past few weeks of watching this ongoing battle of wills is that there is unlikely to be any movement on either side without a good solid bit of motivation, and since talking does not seem to be doing the job then it is going to require action.

Basically while looking at various options It has become apparent that the only way we are going to get any form of movement is by seeking a court order forcing the return of transit service to the streets of Moncton. It is quite obvious that there is no other tactic by users that will get the attention of either the city or the union in a strong enough manner to get their attention.

If they continue to keep on bickering past a back to work court order then the only option left will be to seek essential service designation through the courts (the Alward Government has made it quite clear they are not about to get involved and care little about the needs of the individual, and those Liberals who bothered to respond were at best non committal in their support)

While it is not the solution that many of us would prefer (a negotiated settlement) and it is almost guaranteed to upset both the union and the city, I truly feel that neither side truly understands exactly what the citizens of this city mean when we say do what it takes to make sure this service returns to full capacity as soon as possible.