We have multiple issues here to be investigated.

Wait times for specialists, for example, must be addressed.

1/ More specialists are required.
2/ It is necessary to determine why waits are so long and what can be done to speed up procedures.

Wait times for emergency rooms must be addressed.

1/ WALK IN clinics must operate 24 hours daily and not only not only in “after” hours.

2/ More family doctors (with the objective of reaching a sufficient number of doctors that everyone in the province has one) are required.

3/ Improved efficiency of service must address peak volume of staff at volume of patient peaks.

Proper distribution of services.

1/ There must be sufficient services in an area taking into account population and proximity to other services.

2/ Ambulance fees also must be addressed, to ensure efficient and affordable responses.

The best solution is found in the schedule that “frequent flyers” are charged a fee except when there is an actual medical emergency.

3/ Accommodations must be made for ambulance and other services to nursing
homes without charging fees to elderly or infirm patients

Special needs care in both health care and education need to be addressed and a special needs plan put in place

A catastrophic Drug plan needs to be put in place