Repeatedly party after party has said that they will lure more doctors to this province. One thing they forgot to tell you tho is that one part of that lure is fairly simple. To work in this province doctors need a medicare billing number and there are no available ones here. This means that unless the province actually creates new billing numbers (which it has the ability to do) then they are really doing nothing more then replacing retiring doctors and since the retiring doctors probably have fewer patients then the new doctor can handle it looks like there is open spaces when that is not really the case. What truly needs to happen is the province needs to open up sufficient billing numbers so that most of the citizens of this province would have access to doctors.

My question then is does Alward promise he is actually going to open up more billing numbers or is his “clinic idea” away around the concept of opening up billing numbers by convincing doctors to go to a central clinic format without a standard patient list therefore creating the illusion that something was done to increase the number of doctors when the reality is he is really just opening the doctors up to more patients instead of offering the citizens of this province more real doctors brought in because they opened up new billing numbers so they could actually work

My other question is why Shawn graham has not actually opened up billing numbers yet either

This is not that hard a concept and i am sure that if there were open billing numbers there would be some doctors jump at the chance to practice in our province. The shortage of doctors is in reality caused by the unwillingness of past governments to open up significant billing numbers to reduce the number of patients without an actual doctor