In an article discussing a meeting regarding changes to the Regional Health Authorities  Égalité santé en français actually completely misinterprets the rights that are offered in the constitution regarding services for Anglophones and Francophones in this province.

The group which promotes equal services for Acadians in health care  suggest that bilingual health care systems violate the rights of Francophones. He also went on to indicate that Francophones had a right to a French health system the same as Anglophones had a right to an English health system while admitting that everyone was entitled to services in their own language within either health system.

There are two problems here. First off is that the constitution only actually guarantees Duality of Service in the Education department and not specifically in any other department, which means that essentially the “right” to a French health authority does not in all actuality exist. Secondly because both health authorities are actually obligated to provide services in the language of choice of the patient, (and I can personally attest that the French system does this well, at least where I live) then the only people served by this separation of health authorities is the staff and administration as the patients should be getting the same level of care in either case.

I would instead suggest that there is a better option available. This option would take into account the necessity of protecting the rights of the Francophones and Anglophones based on the design of the elected and appointed portion of the boards.

While we are presently looking at reducing the number of representatives on the board to 15 per board I would suggest we can change this by moving to a single health authority and therefore a single board.

I would recommend 8 appointed representatives of which 4 would be Francophone and 4 Anglophones to be chosen in a manner such that they were spaced around the province. The elected portion would be split into districts similar to the 8 previous districts and would be voted on such that one Francophone and one Anglophone representative where chosen per district.

This is my recommendation to improve the current health act. By consolidating it to one health authority there would be the ability to reduce the size of the administration (this is a major requirement). All communications to hospital staff could easily be done in the language of the staff members choice.