One thing I have noticed with discussions ongoing over the last few weeks regarding the Codiac Transpo dispute has been the differing sides to the discussion and how people are reacting based on what they think is the situation.

I think the time has come to start putting a full disclosure policy in place. For union negotiations this means that at all stages of the negotiation process a full disclosure of the exact details of each sides position, including full costing of this, as well as the full complete details of each offer along with a fully detailed costing of each item including a fully detailed costing of the existing deal, broken down as a cost per employee basis.

The full details of this policy needs to be more fully defined but in all honesty my dealings with people over the last few weeks when discussing the transit dispute and the varying different opinions of exactly what each offer includes and what each means has shown me that the present requirement that these negotiations should be held in secret must be ended and quickly.

To have a discussion of this magnitude and with this many different positions tells me that the time for openness and transparency of all government business has long since passed the point of necessity and entered into an urgent need.

The time for secrecy and behind closed door dealings has gone out with the Dodo Bird and now needs to be put out of it’s misery.  There is no longer any purpose for secrecy and any attempt to hide behind closed doors for anything but personal lives or purchase negotiations (while the negotiations are ongoing) or highly sensitive staffing issues (until they have been resolved) should be done publicly and all but personal lives should be made public as soon as negotiations are completed or issues are put to rest.