We are called a have not province, and really is it any wonder.

We have not got the old Number 5 Military supply base, the feds closed it.

We have not got any of our CN Rail shops repair yards, the feds closed them all.

We will not have our own Blood supply depot, the feds are closing that.

We will not have the Gun Registry, the feds are closing that.

This list can go on and on.

The feds decided to use Point Lepreau as an option to figure out how to rebuild nuclear plants at a cost some figure to be close to a million dollars a day in power required to be purchased, the fed’s have shown no inclination to pay back our “donation” to their education.

Two cities in New Brunswick are the only two cities served by RCMP in Canada that do not get a subsidy to pay for the difference between a local and the more expensive federal force (In Moncton this works to a tune of close to a million dollars a year) The fed’s wont even discuss giving this back.

And yes the provincial government does everything it can to help this process.

The provincial governments have allowed most of the mills in this province to close while the companies harvest the wood and take it out of province (or country) to be processed.

The Provincial Government has allowed natural gas to be pulled from our ground without the benefits of much in the way of royalties, minimal NB employees and let’s not forget processing is done outside of the NB borders.

We as the people of New Brunswick do need to step up to the plate. The federal and provincial governments are the reason we are a have not province, they try to shame us into allowing hazardous practices to be done in an unregulated manner, with little or no royalties paid because “we are a have not province” and so we have to try to get ahead. They fork over millions to large (politically connected) corporations “because we need the jobs here, we can’t have them leave” but we are a have not province.

We as a people need to tell the government in no uncertain terms that we will no longer be treated like a piece of dirt. For every job you take from us and give to another province, YOU WILL GIVE TWO BACK. We are no longer your source of paying off your friends in corporations and your loyal voters in another province. We are a viable province. OR WE WERE UNTIL YOU RIPPED US OFF.