One thing that has become increasingly evident to me as i have looked at things over the last few weeks is how much the two main parties thrive on divisiveness.

The point was made last night in a very strong way when it was pointed out to me that if I want access to a certain program that it would have to be at the expense of another group. At no point should one groups’ access to any given program cause another group to be denied that same program.

This is the type of behaviour that has kept this province on edge for years by way of keeping tensions high between French /English  groups as well as low income/high income/middle class earners

Why is this so popular? Well that is largely because when groups are at such odds then they are less likely to look closely at the real issues of what the governments are doing and instead look at each other with hatred, both sides saying why do they get this and we don’t.

The answer is simple because by doing this you don’t realize what else the government is doing behind your back and so you are less likely to call them to account for their poor behaviour and lack of integrity

What needs to be done is treat people as EQUALS.

I understand how the governments would find this to be a serious inconvenience. It requires they actually pay attention to details and that they behave with integrity and this is something that might be difficult for them to achieve, however it is a path we should be moving towards.

There is no reason why there should be any tensions between English and French in this province just as there should be no tensions between the low income, middle income, or high income earners because if the government treated each group fairly and equally then there would be no tensions and hard feelings.

The worst part is EQUALITY is so easily achievable and so strongly desired by so many in this province.

Tensions in this province are caused by two main sources. One is government choosing to depending on the situation ignore one group in favour of others. The other is out of province provocateurs deliberately trying to stir things up so that various groups are at odds with each other.

In each case their is an agenda being served. The out of town provocateurs stir things in an attempt to keep their issues to a forefront and the government attempts to keep people at odds so their own behaviours are not questioned.

The government could easily and should easily make things equal for all people in the province, and the government could easily solve the problem with out of town provocateurs by putting legislation into place either moving a specific agenda ahead or terminating the attempt.

There is no realistic barrier in this province to EQUALITY except for the government itself and the petty games it likes to play with the people of this province who are looking to the government for the solutions to many problems and instead finding in the government only another problem that will one day need to be fixed.

The liberals for a party that promised us SELF SUFFICIENCY, has damaged our chances of achieving that simply by stirring the divisiveness and encouraging it instead of doing the best they could to help all the people in this province move forward to a better situation so that this province sooner rather then later can become self sufficient.

This will not happen as long as we continually repeat the cycle of lib/con and on and on as they have proven time and again they will divide us and they will conquer us and they will drive our provincial debt to a point where in the future the province itself could face bankruptcy simply because they lib/con cycle is so centered on improving their own situations instead of improving the situations of the rest of the province as a whole.

EQUALITY and SELF SUFFICIENCY can never be achieved while we continually kneel at the altar of the lib/con cycle