This blog post because of it’s nature will touch on elements of both federal and provincial politics and as such will be posted to both my federal and provincial blogs.

Election Financing Rules

Election financing rules need to be changed so that not only the party that can attract the most “donors” can get their message out. The reason behind this is that not all political supporters are financially capable of donating to the party of their choice and as such the party which is represented by the poorer elements of the country will see less funding but may actually have a wider basis of support.

  1. No private or corporate fundraising allowed.
  2. Party exec and party leaders will be paid by the government as long as the party remains a registered party holding minimum annual general meetings
  3. Operating funds for each party will be paid by the government.
  4. Each party will be allocated a specific amount of funding during the election based on the number of candidates that are running for that party.


Proportional Representation
There are several options for proportional representation I am going to suggest one of them here though there are others.

  1. Total number of parties as well as maximum number of independent candidates is totalled i.e: if there are 5 parties and one riding has 3 independent candidates then total is 8.
  2. using this example each voter will rank their choices from 1 to 8 with top ranked (#1) getting 8 votes, #2 getting 7 and so on.
    If there is less then 8 candidates in one riding the same ranking system will still be used for consistency across the province.
  3. total votes for each candidate will be added together. Candidate with most votes wins each riding.
  4. Any ballot that does not rank all candidates in that riding will be discarded.

This particular method would increase proportional representation because a party could be the first choice of very few people but the second choice of many and, depending on how the votes are cast, could win the riding. The total candidate spread should using this method turn out a much more balanced representation.


Provincial/Federal Leaders (Premier/Prime Minister)

  1. The Prime Minister and Premiers shall be chosen by a single country wide or province wide vote.
  2. The same system used for MLA/MP voting will be used (ranking system)
  3. All Candidates and deputies in this system will be considered to have earned a seat if they have attained a minimum of 5% of the vote.


Ministers/Cabinet Ministers

  1. Ministers/Cabinet ministers will be split in a proportional way amongst the elected MLA/MP’s
  2. proportional method will be such that the minister slots are split based on the proportional rank based on the entire vote across the province not including the Leader section.


Fixed Election Dates

All elections will happen at a fixed time. This date will be the third Monday of October with the first election sign being allowed on the first Monday of September.

  1. Year 1: Federal
  2. Year 2: Municipal
  3. Year 3: Senate
  4. Year 4: Provincial

There will be some overlap due to the fact that these dates will originally not fit within a normal election schedule and as such some adjustments to the existing methods will be required so that by the end of the second round of voting all groups are up for election at the appropriate time.

Media Coverage

Media will not be allowed to influence public opinion. To accomplish this the following will be required.

  1. All media outlets will be required to solicit from each registered party their opinion on each position that any party takes if it is covered by the media.
  2. There will be an exemption for online blogs that are written by party members or supporters as long as the blog writer clearly indicates his affiliation at the beginning and end of the blog
    This can be as simple as clearly identifying the blog as a party blog by name, or the writer as a supporter or party member, or even member of the executive of which ever party they support. Mainstream media will not have this exemption option.
  3. All media coverage of each party will be from a positive perspective.

Additional Election Rule

  1. Each party will be fully informed at all times of all financial information with regards to all government departments.
  2. Election Act will be changed to make all election promises binding (due to the possibility of a minority government, meeting this requirement will only require that the bill be introduced, however it will be expected that a majority government will pass the bill)
  3. All election advertising will be of a positive nature (no attack ads). All election advertising will focus on what individual party will do, not on what other party will not do.


This I believe is a solid start to improving our present government system. More changes are definitely possible beyond this.