Major changes are needed to election law in New Brunswick

First we need to accept that our present system has put us in a position where not everyone’s views are recognized and where we no longer have an option when our government is not doing as we wish.


1/ All voters will choose the premier by popular vote regardless of the composition of

the Legislature.
2/ Ridings will be grouped into groups of eight.
3/ In each group of eight ridings all members will choose 10 top candidates of their choice.
4/ The top four candidates will be automatically elected.
5/ The remaining four candidates will be chosen by tabulating total votes per party and dividing the seats up proportionately — with the top vote getters in each party that have not already been elected being apportioned a seat, depending on the portion of votes in that group of ridings. Each seat is worth 12.5% of the votes in the group of ridings

6/ The total seat count in the legislature will be tabulated and its percentage will determine how ministries will be divided amongst the parties.
7/ The party leaders and deputy leaders will not run in ridings. They will be elected as either premier/deputy premier, and each party leader who has at least five percent

of the popular vote will be considered to have earned a seat in the legislature for

themselves and their deputy