With the present questions being raised over Duality and the present breakdown of the two health authorities (one French designated, one bilingual designated) we need to look at the issue of whether this model is what best serves us.

Now for one I am not questioning the French authority as I am happier with the service I get in the French health network then in the service available in the bilingual network. I even find the service in English is better at the French network then in the Bilingual network.

What I do believe though is that realistically in a system as vital as health care we should not be operating two separate health networks. For one when someone needs health care they should be able to go to any hospital to get that health care and they should be served in the language of their choice at the hospital without question and without reservation.

This is my ultimate issue. We should have one single standard of service. We hear of those who are French not being able to get service in their language at their local hospitals (and while I am not sure where they live when they say that, I do not doubt they are probably telling the truth) however here in Moncton a city where 60% is English and 33% is French, we need to go to the French network to get good access to English healthcare (the Bilingual network is at best arrogant and unapproachable and the English service is sub par in comparison to that offered at the French network.

The truth is that there is no English health network to offer a balance to the French network but also that the health care operatives at the Bilingual network are less willing to deal in English and have far inferior English skills then those who work in a network aimed specifically at the French.

We do have an issue here in this province though and that is that we are constantly saying we don’t have enough doctors to serve the population in this province and yet Anglophone only doctors generally have to leave this province to find work. There are sufficient Anglophones in this province to be able to provide work to these doctors and it would reduce the brain drain in this province and free up some of the Francophone doctors to serve French patients who seem to at times have trouble finding service in their language as well. 

We need a single individual Health network that includes Anglophone, Francophone and Bilingual Doctors. The reason we need this is because each and every hospital should be able to fully offer service to anyone who enters their doors in either language. This service should be fluent in the language it is being provided in and it should be by the best available doctors in the province.

Our Francophone doctors should not need to go to Quebec and our Anglophone doctors should not need to go to Western Canada. There is sufficient work for everyone if we simply applied common sense to the way we operated our health care system.