Harper’s reaction to Brad Trost’s press conference could be the difference between the Conservatives winning or losing the next election.

Realistically very few people think that this position is not shared by Harper himself, most feel it was a trial balloon being floated by an expendable backbencher who has a strong party loyalty and strong enough views to be believed, while still being willing to bite the bullet if the position hurt’s the party’s re-election chances.

This type of thing should be expected a few times over the next couple of years as Harper and his minions attempt to figure out how much of his win is people that believe in his ultimate mindset and how much is people trying to find someone to vote for other then the troubled liberal party.

Other things that are likely on the agenda are gay marriage and capital punishment. Both of which would make hard core right wing Con supporters extremely happy.

The issue is whether the Harper government feels they have sufficient support to push some of these agendas because if they think they do, then even more of our rights will go down the tube. Many people warned that the Conservatives had a hidden agenda and it is starting to look like there might have been some truth  to it.

The only hope for these laws not being overturned is an outcry that is sufficiently louder then those who want it overturned. An outcry that is loud enough to make Harper actually concerned that if he does not end this type of mindset his party may just end up in a similar place to the liberals.

Honestly barring a major change in Con policy and a new Liberal leader that can really connect with the Canadian people for the first time in a long time, this country could be looking at it’s first ever NDP government with a Green party opposition. That is the level of disaster that is now facing the Harper Cons if they do not decide that the will of the Canadian people is of greater importance then the will of a small number of religious right wing power mad nuts.

In some ways this could have been one of the best things to happen to Canadians in decades. We are perhaps looking at the total annihilation of the two “natural governing parties” and the rise of a new way of looking at the way governing is done in this country.