Come sept 27 2010 as people across this province file into the polling booths in record numbers you will hear one mantra repeated over and over

A vote for anyone but Conservative will lead to a Liberal government

This is patently untrue

What needs to happen for each and every voter is diligence and research

Take a look at ALL the options on the ballot (there are more then 2 contrary to what the Liberals and Conservatives would have us believe)
find out exactly what each party stands for and where ever possible try to meet your candidate in person (most candidates will gladly try to meet with everyone they can unless they have something to hide) meet and greets are good ways to judge your candidate and see how he handles himself.

Remember that for the next four years this person will be responsible for reflecting your will in the legislature, is the person you are looking at likely to do that in a way you will be comfortable with

most importantly whatever you do Do Not Vote Against Someone Vote for Someone.

Pick someone you are happy with and vote for the type of government you want and above all else remember the lessons from NBpower. The people of this province CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

When you mark your ballot remember you are standing up for your rights to be represented not by your compromise choice but for the best choice to meet what you expect in your MLA and hold them accountable if they drop the ball