Recently contractors have been whining about restrictive building codes that raise the cost of building homes. 

The complaints involves building codes that the City of Moncton as well as Riverview enacted to ensure that all property is built in such a manner as to ensure that it does not get flooded by neighbouring homes.

The issue as the head of the local building association refers to it was “using a hammer to kill a fly” over the issue of a well known home on Penrose avenue being built amongst the first in the neighbourhood and when the rest of the properties filled in, they were below grade and flooded on a regular basis.

Now regardless of the publicity of this issue, I am well aware because of travelling around that neighbourhood from time to time that this home still has not been fixed. This is my problem, if this issue was small enough to be considered a “fly” then it might have been in the home builder’s association’s best interest to get together and correct the problem.

The major reason why this regulation needs to stay, and that Dieppe should have adopted it instead of sloughing it off, is that homes in the Dieppe area that are not required to meet this specific building standard are still being built in a manner that fails this standard. There are still new homes being built without sufficient attention being paid to grade or drainage and causing new home owners to be repeatedly flooded during heavy rains or melts.

In all honesty I am personally perplexed that after all this time, a home that has gained such publicity and notoriety has not been fixed, it is bad for the image of the home builders and it is bad for the image of Moncton. You would think that after this many years someone would have decided that enough is enough and just fix the problem instead of leaving this family to constantly be recovering from flood damage.