There is a new breast cancer campaign and it is causing some serious controversy.

The principal at Quispamsis Elementary school is considering them “distracting”. My issue with this is simple. These are elementary children. It is the prime opportunity in their lives to get a serious message into their brains for the rest of their life. Breast Cancer can be beat but it needs to be checked for, treated and followed up on. If you are not aware of it, If you do not think on it, If you do not do it, you just might be one of the victims.

These are elementary children there is nothing wrong with using these bracelets to get their attention, and to get the message out, and their teachers and school staff are a great source of knowledge to help get this knowledge out to the students, and even by default back to the parents as well.

What is wrong though is to take these bracelets, proclaim them a bad thing and bury the issue in the closet. You are again by default teaching the children that breast cancer is something that is not discussed, that is not talked about, and it is a serious taboo. This is not the message that we need to be sending to our students.

We only improve our health and the health of our children if we are open and willing to talk about things like this that risk our health. We desperately need to change the way we look at these issues because health issues like this can not continue to be swept under the rug. We must give our children the tools to make their lives and health as good as we possibly can, and to do that we need to give them information, we need to talk to them, we can not any longer continue to make health issues a thing that is hidden in the closet and not talked about.