As once again for the fourth time in approximately 7 years we head to the polls for a federal election the question arises. What really has changed?

The liberals have changed leaders a couple of times (none of the leaders are appealing to the Canadian people) The Conservatives have changed a couple of seats but they really don’t seem to be gaining much real traction with the canadian people either. Layton’s NDP gather a little bit of ground but unfortunately even though many people like the leader not many like the party platform. Greens seem to still not be able to resonate with the voting public (largely due to the belief that there is no substance beyond an environmental platform).

I think this time the electorate needs to send a strong message. That message is we have had enough of this nonsense. Look closely at all the parties that present candidates (including smaller parties that may not be able to form government and including independent candidates) and choose an individual that you feel will best serve your riding.

The problem we have been faced with year after year is that we have constantly tried to vote out the government in power without giving any thought to what we are voting for. The time has come to get a party that will commit to serving it’s four year mandate and to commit to seriously revamping the electoral process so that the incessant repeat of history every two or three years stops. These elections cost large amounts of money for all taxpayers whether they vote or not and it is time that we stand up for ourselves and say we have had enough of this nonsense