Every once in a while people do something that really makes you shake your head.

With only a week to go before municipal elections what would possess Moncton City Council to even touch the issue of perks. It does not matter how much fairer the new system will make it for councillors, the public wants to know what the council is doing to improve the state of the city, not what the council is doing to deal with special favours.

While I do not disagree with the concept that there needs to be a protection in place so perks are not used by anyone as a way of controlling councillors votes, this is something that should have been done years ago. It is also something that should be dealt with away from election time as it actually damages the credibility of council and it’s members.

The other really weird thing about this vote is that there was no debate, and it was unanimous. For a vote like this to be unanimous and for there to be no debate implies that this was something that was completely sorted out behind closed doors and in private and was only brought forward at a time when it was hoped that the vote itself would slip under the radar unnoticed.

Debating things in private is another little issue that I find is damaging to council. In my personal opinion there should be extremely little done in private. Anything that can possibly be dealt with in a public forum should be done so unless it would jeopardize the ability of council to operate in a fair manner or would seriously prejudice the issue being discussed. Voters have voted council to work in their best interests and the voters’ best interests are not served from behind closed doors.