We are facing a dilemma in this province

Now it is my understanding that once the writ is dropped that the province could not call the legislature back to deal with emergency situations like a back to work order

TA’s in the province have been without a contract for i believe 18 months and are in a strike position.

A strike to start the school year could result in no school till after the election for at least those requiring a TA and if teachers will not cross the line this could extend to include all students.

Another liberal legacy?

the contract offered the TA’s at the last i heard was insulting and actually almost daring a strike with an offer of 0% increase over two years and a complete loss of seniority
The fact is we should not be going into any election and still leaving contracts of this nature unaddressed especially since it could lead to children being off school for as much as a month or more extra as we wait for the election to finish and the new govt (because no way will this one be returned) sworn in and able to introduce back to work legislation.
And of course there is the fact that the govt is once again allowing those who deal with our special needs children to be trampled on effectively once again attacking our most disadvantaged citizens those who through no fault of their own are not able to function on their own
Once again the liberals are leaving us a beautiful legacy.