A thought I have been having lately on affordable housing combines thoughts I had, with a thought I heard elsewhere.

The general idea is that realistically everyone should have the ability to own their own home at a rate and payment that is useful. The idea I had originally heard was based in the downtown area and was aimed at those on assistance.

My thought is that this is a great idea however it should be moved from the thought of just downtown and be expanded to the entire Moncton city limits and should be changed from those on assistance to those who would be classified as low income.

The idea surrounds the idea of the rent formula for low income housing and that figure should be used to indicate the rental payment. The details past that need to be sorted out. Here is my thoughts on how this would best be accomplished.

All those who sign up for this plan enter an enforceable agreement that all employment income would be sent to a special account directly by the employer. From this account the formulated “rent” payment would be deducted and the remainder transferred to for the use of the ordinary recipient.  This rent payment would cover the load payment and perhaps also the property tax and electricity costs as well. 

The total bill owed would be monitored including the cost of the original loan, the interest (charge to be determined), and services included. Once the total cost of all billing is paid off then the rental payments would be stopped.

As an additional possible add on for a small percentage increase a vehicle or two could also be included in this plan to allow for transportation options.

The overall idea of this plan is to allow all people in the province the opportunity to own their own home as well as to give them the ability to gain more control over the direction of their life through increasing their ability to achieve meaningful goals such as owning a home and a vehicle.

I believe a program similar to this would be a great bonus to give people the ability to get ahead in life while still earning their way.