Alward has decided to hold his secret energy forums and this concerns me. The aim is to develop a policy idea to take to the people sometime after the next election.

The problem with this is that his secret energy forums insiders seem to include the same people that were high on the idea of selling NBpower in the first place which means that the outcome of the meetings is likely to point to the same concept that Graham was working on which is sell at all costs and make sure that large industry gets a major rate cut in the process.

Somewhere along the lines Alward seems to have forgotten the message that was loud and clear at all the rallies held this winter and spring and that is that NBPower and any of its assets are not for sale.

This is our largest fear made real that Alward will sell out the same people that he pretended to help in a bid to get elected and will do it at the same terms or worse for the general consumer then Graham had already gotten. This cannot be allowed to happen.

If you have any intention of a real opportunity to not sell NBpower then you need to look to the PANB as they seem to be the only party that is looking at cleaning up the present mess NBpower is in and making it a viable profitable company still owned by the people of the province as it was intended to be