This was originally posted on the Newschaser Facebook group by Josie Lk LeBlanc and is recopied here with her permission.

So I just left a msg on the city of Moncton’s page and OF COURSE THEY DELETED IT because they know I’m right.. and so is EVERYONE ELSE who keeps posting about the bus situation … I’m gonna repost it here, I want it SEEN and heard, everyone HAS A RIGHT TO THERE OWN OPINIONS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH.. they had NO right to delete it. **** IN MY OPINION , ( THE CITY OF MONCTON AND ALL CODIAC TRANSIT BUS DRIVERS ) : You guys seriously need to get your S%&#$ TOGETHER! The busses are an URGENT situation that NEEDS to be resolved NOW.. You have single mother’s out there struggling to feed their children because they can’t even make it to a grocery store, and/or nursing their children at home in hopes that their health will improve without medical care because they cannot make it to a doctor’s office, and/or children being penalized and made to stay indoors or out in their yards in 30 PLUS weather because they cannot find a way to bring their children to a POOL where it is fit for that child to be in weather like this.. ect.. You have Hard working people who have 1. Lost jobs over this, 2. can barely afford to make their rent or food money because they can’t get to work all the hours there supposed to be with no transportation IF they can get there at all , you have people walking 1 to 2 hours in this 30 plus heat to get to where they need to go with no choice but to do it. People dehydrating and getting sun stroke because of these crazy long walks there forced to walk.. You’ve got Senior citizens WALKING AN HOUR OR SO AWAY TO DO THINGS THEY ABSOLUTELY CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO DO, like Go get their Meds they have to pick up daily ( and not even just senior citizens , EVERYONE in this situation ) also they are not able to make certain medical appointments and such just like others, and for senior citizens it is VERY important when it comes to medical attention, some of them REALLY CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS THOSE APPOINTMENTS.. ect ect……………….. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. absolutely OUTRAGEOUS !.. Okay I don’t know who’s in the right here you guys saying no or them for wanting more or however it’s working BUT I DO KNOW THOSE OF MONCTON NEW BRUNSWICK DO NOT DESERVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF EITHER OF YOUR GUY’S DECISIONS.. if you’re not going to fix this immediately and get things back to how they should be, THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS ARRANGE SOME KIND OF TRANSPORTATION FOR PEOPLE WHO DESPERATELY NEED IT.. and no not ten percent off of a cab, GET REAL.. who the heck can afford to take cabs everywhere they go.. come on now. In my opinion you guys should hire special drivers, ON CALL drivers for emergencies JUST LIKE THIS so that THE CITY OF MONCTON DOES NOT HAVE TO SUFFER WHILE YOU GUYS SIT AROUND WITH NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD SEEING WHO CAN HAVE THE LAST WORD AND WIN THIS LITTLE BATTLE.. GET IT TOGETHER… DO SOMETHING FOR THE PUBLIC … YOU MAY THINK ITS NOTHING BUT ITS RUINING THE LIVES OF THOSE IN MONCTON TRYING TO MAKE IT DAY BY DAY.. YOUR RUINING PEOPLE’S LIVES EVERY SINGLE DAY.. WHETHER YOU RECOGNIZE IT OR NOT. That’s all I got to say.. I’m so TICKED at this situation.. LIKE THIS POST IF YOU AGREE THAT THEY SHOULD EITHER FIND ON CALL DRIVERS SO WE DONT HAVE TO SUFFER WHILE THEY SORT THIS OUT OR JUST GET IT FIXED PERIOD!!!! .. I think we should start our own strike/protest.. HONESTLY.. I’ve been thinking about it the past few days..I DONT SEE YOU GUYS WALKING AROUND AND FEELING OUR PAIN … I DARE YOU TO DO IT JUST FOR 2 DAYS BE RESTRICTED FROM YOUR VEHICLES JUST TO FEEL OUR EMOTIONAL/PHYSICAL PAIN ON THIS BEHALF… I BET NONE OF YOU WOULD EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING IT EVEN FOR A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. I THINK YOU SHOULD BE FORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT ALL OF YOU AND THE BUS DRIVERS FOR 2 DAYS AT THE LEAST JUST TO MAKE YOU ALL REALISE WHAT YOUR PUTTING US THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!.. This is just flat-out disrespect to the citizens of Moncton.