I find as we get closer to this election that there is an interesting trend developing. That is the trend the two main parties are developing of fighting each other in a desperate bid to see who can finish lower in the standings as this election gets nearer.

We start with Graham a leader who stood tall and proud while he tried to sell this provinces utility out from underneath us, while repeatedly telling us the utility was hemorrhaging money. He has now quietly ignored the fact that for the second straight year NBpower has actually shown a profit and while the CEO of the company has admitted to lying outright about the fact to the public. Now unless he is totally incompetent he knew that this utility was not the money pig he was making it out to be and yet he ignores the fact that the details are coming out publicly.

We move to Alward who through several recent hiccups in the Con campaign has been absent leaving his MLA’s (notably Jody Carr) to try to pick up the pieces and explain away the missteps or pretend they weren’t missteps at all depending on the situation, while he hides and has nothing to say. While Jody defends his trip to NFLD Alward has said nothing, While Ashfield told Thompson that the Cons were not carrying the province on its back into the next election Alward has had nothing to say.

As we crawl through the bodies towards the next election do not be surprised to see the Libs and Cons even more violently fight to see who amongst them is going to end up with the least or even no seats come Sept. 27. Do not be surprised to see even the greens end up with more votes then either of these to parties come Sept.  It is completely within the realms of possibility to see the libs and cons post 4 and 5 place finishes in ridings and in overall votes come the day of the election. Do not be surprised to see the best thing ever happen to this province of ours. Do not be surprised to see the people of this province stand up and say you will never take advantage of us this way again.