David Alward our premier has decided from his self appointed throne as the great dictator that regardless what the people of this great city of Moncton have to say regarding his governments decision to put the Moncton High School in the middle of the Royal Oaks development he will put it there anyway.

Here are a few words of wisdom to you oh great dictator. City council in Moncton does have the tools to shut down your proposed location, regardless of any imagined exemptions that exist. There are tools within city bylaws that give us the necessary means to stop your action in your tracks. There are also tools there that let people understand that there are rules we could put in place to block you.

Moncton has a city plan and it high time that you and your minions read it and took it into account when they decide where to place government installations. This is the second time in recent history that the provincial government has decided to build a school inside Moncton but outside of the serviced areas. This comes at great expense to the city.

So Mr. Alward here is what i propose. Come back to the table with a plan that takes Moncton’s plans into account. We will block you and use every tool at our disposal to do so. This includes using every clause in our city’s laws and bylaws to block this development and any clause we can develop as well. We are not as bound by the permissive system as some people would like us to believe and if I am elected in this upcoming municipal election I will show you just how unlimited we are.

One other thing to consider in all this mess. The province and council themselves seems to think that it is the city’s responsibility to pay for the infrastructure upgrades needed if the school is put way out there. We have no need to pay for this. If the province puts the school out there then the province can pay for the infrastructure upgrades required as well. As for his non-committal to that part in the Times Transcript article from this morning, he can get over himself because if I get in as mayor it is not my intention to be paying to fix the provinces screw ups.

If they want to involve themselves in our city then they had better start involving the council and voters in the city in their decision BEFORE they make the announcement that they have a deal in place. After the fact is way to late and is no longer going to be tolerated in this city.