I have had a couple of thoughts on things I would like to see that would be beneficial to our city.

  1. A system of community gardens.
  2. An improved sports program
  3. An improved park/green space program.

These are of course nice ideas but what exactly do them mean.

A system of community gardens

I would like to see a system where we could have small plots of land set aside for individuals and families to grow their own vegetables. The high price of raw, unprocessed vegetables is getting to the point where it is difficult for many families to be able to afford good unprocessed vegetables and this system could at least help.

This project would include a scattered system of small lots of land that could be either lent or rented to individuals to allow them the opportunity to use for gardening. While the ideal situation would be to have them used for vegetables, realistically I would suggest that we allow them open access to growing whatever legal plants they wish within their portion of the available lot.

The size of the lot allocated to each individual or family would be determined by the number of interested people and the number of plots available. Obviously an attempt would have to be made to have some land available in each area of the city to allow for things like walking distance etc.

An improved sports program

I would like to see an improved program to increase participation in active lifestyles for all people.

Ideally my system would involve working with all the various sporting associations that offer amateur sports in the city and working with them to create a system where everyone would be able to play sports without pressure regardless of age,  skill level or fitness.

This program would involve coaches who taught the sport to those who were interested at all age levels. It would involve an intricate system of keeping people playing at the level at which they were best suited (at a level which allowed each individual to improve their skill while still not applying the pressure that is found in some levels of sport today). The goal is to allow everyone an opportunity to play sports and to make sure that it is an environment that is non confrontational while still being sufficiently challenging as to allow individuals to reach their maximum potential. Preparing those who are interested to advance to the next level of the game while still making sure that everyone else has the opportunity to play at a level that is enjoyable and engaging to them.

An improved park/green space program.

I would like to put a program in place that would increase the amount of green space, playground space and recreational space in each neighbourhood. This would involve normal playground equipment as well as a sports field or two that would be maintained and kept in functional condition at all times. This also could involve turning some of these areas into outdoor rinks during winter months.

It also would involve planting and maintaining trees in an appealing manner so that they were able to grow and yet still provide enjoyment for the entire neighbourhood.