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We have long understood that the Canadian Government (whether under the guise of Liberal or Conservative rule) has absolutely no respect for the people who served Canada in times of war.

Today once again it is being brought to our attention as a Canadian man born to a Canadian soldier and his Canadian wife at a military base in Germany. The Canadian Military even issued a document saying he was born there and who his parent’s were.

But to the Canadian government bureaucracy of Stupid In The Extreme, there is no proof he is Canadian. This is a situation that has happened to over 200,000 people, and the vast majority of them are war brides, their children and other descendants and the children of military personnel who  just happened to be born at the overseas base their parent(s) were serving at.

This is a clear and blunt message to all Canadians just how much the Canadian government in its various forms cares about the people it sends to fight in wars. The only purpose these people serve in the minds of the Canadian government is as cannon fodder.

We already know that services to veterans who return from war wounded, disabled, with PTSD etc are all hung out to dry by the military, There are even various groups online trying to draw attention to the plight of our servicemen. But once again, the Canadian government has proven that not only does it have no heart, It also has no brain. It would take a simple legislative change to fix the issue of the Lost Canadians and yet not one single government has made that effort in all this time.

There is lip service, there is even crocodile tears, but there is no action.

They plead that there is nothing they can do but the truth is there is absolutely nothing that they are INTERESTED in doing. Because the truth is, when the war is over and the soldier is back home the government is completely done with them and has absolutely no interest in doing a thing for them.

Our Canadian Government is pathetic in its treatment of its vetrans and there is no indication that they have any interest in doing a thing to fix the multitude of problems our veterans and their families face.

Time For A New Way Of Doing Government Business.

For years we have heard that it is done this way. We have to do it this way. This is the way it has always been done.

I am here to say perhaps it is time to stop doing things the same way time after time. Perhaps it is time to find a new way of thinking.  Perhaps if systems that are presently in place do not work for the best interests of Moncton or the people who live there, then just maybe it is time to start looking at different ways of doing things.

It is time to start thinking outside the box. We have for years been doing the same thing over and over again and maybe getting a little bit ahead now, losing some later and basically treading water keeping our heads above the water line. Maybe it is time to swim for shore. Maybe it is time to put our feet down and realize that we get farther out of the water if we just stand up in the pool.

Basically what I am saying is that we have always done things a certain specific way, because that is protocol or that is all the municipalities act works. I am here to say that any obstacle that stops us from reaching our peak performance is an obstacle that needs to be removed. If the people that are putting the block in our way do not want to move it for us then we will either have to find a way to go around it, or we will go right through it. It is not in the best interests of the people in this city to let obstacles mar our ability to do our job.

So today I am saying that it is time we stepped outside the box and started to find ways to do things ourselves without waiting for permission or for someone else to do them for us. The reason that it is time is because if we do not learn to stand on our own two feet, then no one will ever believe we have the ability to manage our affairs without their personal, direct oversight and with their direct permission (for which they will make us beg)

It is time, if the province will not modernize the municipalities act then we will have to find ways to do it without them, whether they like it or not, because we as a city are strong enough to stand on our own .

If we really can as they say “punch above our weight class” then let us really punch above our weight class and actually do something productive with that ability.

Full Disclosure Needs To Become Reality

One thing I have noticed with discussions ongoing over the last few weeks regarding the Codiac Transpo dispute has been the differing sides to the discussion and how people are reacting based on what they think is the situation.

I think the time has come to start putting a full disclosure policy in place. For union negotiations this means that at all stages of the negotiation process a full disclosure of the exact details of each sides position, including full costing of this, as well as the full complete details of each offer along with a fully detailed costing of each item including a fully detailed costing of the existing deal, broken down as a cost per employee basis.

The full details of this policy needs to be more fully defined but in all honesty my dealings with people over the last few weeks when discussing the transit dispute and the varying different opinions of exactly what each offer includes and what each means has shown me that the present requirement that these negotiations should be held in secret must be ended and quickly.

To have a discussion of this magnitude and with this many different positions tells me that the time for openness and transparency of all government business has long since passed the point of necessity and entered into an urgent need.

The time for secrecy and behind closed door dealings has gone out with the Dodo Bird and now needs to be put out of it’s misery.  There is no longer any purpose for secrecy and any attempt to hide behind closed doors for anything but personal lives or purchase negotiations (while the negotiations are ongoing) or highly sensitive staffing issues (until they have been resolved) should be done publicly and all but personal lives should be made public as soon as negotiations are completed or issues are put to rest.

Kidding With The Candidates: With Scotty And Tony On XL96

Every once in a while people do something that really makes you shake your head.

With only a week to go before municipal elections what would possess Moncton City Council to even touch the issue of perks. It does not matter how much fairer the new system will make it for councillors, the public wants to know what the council is doing to improve the state of the city, not what the council is doing to deal with special favours.

While I do not disagree with the concept that there needs to be a protection in place so perks are not used by anyone as a way of controlling councillors votes, this is something that should have been done years ago. It is also something that should be dealt with away from election time as it actually damages the credibility of council and it’s members.

The other really weird thing about this vote is that there was no debate, and it was unanimous. For a vote like this to be unanimous and for there to be no debate implies that this was something that was completely sorted out behind closed doors and in private and was only brought forward at a time when it was hoped that the vote itself would slip under the radar unnoticed.

Debating things in private is another little issue that I find is damaging to council. In my personal opinion there should be extremely little done in private. Anything that can possibly be dealt with in a public forum should be done so unless it would jeopardize the ability of council to operate in a fair manner or would seriously prejudice the issue being discussed. Voters have voted council to work in their best interests and the voters’ best interests are not served from behind closed doors.