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 Mike Murphy talked on Saturday about his Bid for the Liberal leadership Personally I think this is one of two choices that have any chance of reviving the liberals in this province with the other being Kelly Lamrock. Both of these individuals had issues with the NB Power deal though they chose differing ways of dealing with it.

The only other person I think that would be a strong option would be Stuart Jamison. Here in the above article Murphy did discuss his actions and basically indicated that the political fallout damaged his credibility. In this particular case I believe Mr Murphy to be completely wrong.  Jamison’s actions may have damaged him within the party executive and backrooms but his actions endeared him to the general public, something which needs to be taken into consideration and something that gets far understated.

Another thing mentioned by Murphy is that there is a faction within the party (the article implies perhaps the upper executive) who wants anyone but him in charge and who some believe wants Donald Arsenault in charge of the party. This is something I believe is likely (as it appears that both the Fed and Prov Liberals executive likes to choose the worst possible candidate for leadership to throw their support behind.) For some reason the Liberal hierarchy seems hell bent on completely self destructing the party.

My suspicion is that if Murphy (or Lamrock or Jamison) were to win the leadership of the party the entire (or a large part of) the upper executive and inner circle would resign and this would for all intents and purposes be something that would be for the betterment of the entire party.

While I am not a Liberal supporter and while I believe the PANB will provide a solid part of the government in the future I also believe that we need the liberals to offset the Conservatives and to hold them in check and without a strong leader this is not likely.

It is also my personal belief that Brian Murphy (cousin to Mike Murphy) would be a much preferable option as Fed liberal leader then any of the normally mentioned candidates and that he would be far more likely to get the party back on track (as long as they got past this concept of one election then throw away the leader attitude that seems prevalent in the party at the moment)

So while I will continue to work to defeat both men’s parties in both the provincial and federal elections, I still believe that a good portion of their parties fate lies in the hands of a good clean leadership race (and preferably a good cleanout of the upper executive and party leadership in the process.) The party at both the provincial and Federal levels needs a complete rejuvenation that cannot be gained if the present attitudes and behaviours continue

The NBSO tried to pull an end run around the Energy and Utilities Board by putting in place salary hikes without the necessary funds to do so.

The issue in this is that the NBSO requested the funds during a 2010 budget review and was denied the request for the funds. This year when the budget was put forward the salary hikes and perks were already in place and the NBSO was basically treating them as part of the normal salary.  The EUB disallowed 244,000 in salary deeming them part of the increases that they refused to allow last year and told the NBSO that it was unacceptable that they would attempt this type of behaviour saying that a study would be required and must be presented to the EUB for consideration before this was allowed to happen.

This is a prime example of civil servants trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public and trying to get raises that were not earned, not warranted and in this time of fiscal restraint is not feasible.

While this is shown due to the EUB’s mandate to monitor the NBSO, this problem is not isolated to the NBSO many times in recent years have different managers been given unearned and unwarranted increases.

With all the fuss being raised over MLA salaries it is important to note that this is not an exception to the rule but seems to be quite par for the course the only issue being that this time they were caught by anlagency with control over them and with public representation as part of it’s make up.

If upper managers continue to take this type of action on themselves then perhaps it is time to purge the upper levels of power within these government corporations

Surprise Winners Causing Concerns

Several new NDP candidates are causing concerns. Not because they are saying all the wrong things but because some people are upset that what realistically amounts to a paper candidate was actually elected (and more then just once).

What bothers me most about this is that everyone knows that there are paper candidates in every election. They serve many purposes including giving die hard voters a place to put their vote when there is not a legitimate candidate that is interested in running in that particular riding, and even when a party feels it has no chance in a particular riding and feels that there is better ways to spend it’s limited resources then to do an extensive candidate search for a riding where they are traditionally a distant third or fourth.

What is upsetting some people (assuming they likely voted for an opposing candidate) is that a paper candidate beat out a candidate that was sourced out to run for their party with party resources put into the win. Now while there is some question about the legitimacy of some signatures on the nomination forms the truth is that no party is going to involve themselves in that type of behaviour (generally because the repercussions would be to extreme)

But the truth of the matter is this. It was going to happen eventually that an unexpected candidate with little so called “qualifications”  was going to win an election (it likely happened already in other elections but not this many at once) and in all actual fact this is probably a good thing, because now we have a good from the business leaders and lawyers class and instead we have added a strong contingent of young people and “average joe’s”.  The type of people who will be able to actually speak to the real people on the street because that is exactly who they are.

For once the people will be represented by people very similar to themselves instead of a group of elitists who think they know best what the people want, when instead they are serving their own personal interests

I think perhaps we should back away from this case of sour grapes and let the people who were elected to govern actually do their job. And if you don’t like the job they do then the next opportunity you get vote them out. 

Realistically the only complaint people have with this election is if there is actual wrong doing (campaigning outside of legal timeframes, illegal campaign funding or actual election fraud) otherwise if you don’t like the choice people made in your riding (like me) next time offer yourself up in an effort to beat them, or in some individuals cases actually make the effort to vote. But complaining  because a paper candidate won over other parties is a waste because really what it means is that the other parties and their leaders did not actually resonate with voters and the party or leader in question actually did.